A boutique firm that handles the big, complex cases

Boyle Litigation is a boutique law firm that focuses on complex civil and criminal litigation. Litigation involves the resolution of disputes between parties through negotiation, mediation, arbitration for advocacy before a tribunal, whether it be a state, federal or international court.

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Experienced lawyers who get positive results

Our attorneys have excellent litigation experience in many different facets of law. Whether commercial law, criminal defense, human rights, military law, or international law, our attorneys have the necessary skills and knowledge needed to obtain a positive result for our clients.

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Each client is a relationship, not just a case

We strive to build a relationship with our clientele and tailor our service and approach to achieve the goals that our clients desire. International clients especially value how we understand their objectives, realistically assess and help them to manage the risks, and guide them through U.S.-based dispute resolution processes to achieve positive results that go beyond just winning a case.

  Our Firm

Boyle Litigation focuses upon complex civil and criminal litigation. We help our clients resolve disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and advocacy. We are prepared to litigate before state, federal, and international courts as well as any other administrative body.

Our practice focuses on cases where an adverse result would have a devastating effect on our clients, which include U.S. and foreign individuals and businesses ranging from small professional service offices to large industrial companies. Our experience includes investigating and litigating significant white collar crimes, international commercial disputes, unexplained deaths and trade secret thefts.

Every case is unique, and every client has different needs. As a boutique law firm, we partner with our clients to understand who they are and what they want to accomplish. To achieve their objectives, our attorneys gain an early understanding of the client, the facts and the law in order to give an accurate assessment of litigation risks and benefits. In the end, we provide objective legal advice, exceptional negotiation skills, and world-class advocacy.

In the criminal context, our clients often face serious federal charges where a conviction means the destruction of their business and/or incarceration for many years. Recently, we have represented individuals charged with mail, wire, tax, healthcare, bank, and securities fraud as well as money laundering, conspiracy, and violations of the Food and Drug Act.

In the civil realm, we handle sophisticated cases involving allegations of fraud, breach of contract, intentional tort, and violations of statutory duties. In these cases, our clients’ businesses and livelihoods are at stake, and they stand to lose or gain hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.

We routinely and successfully litigate against some of the largest and most powerful law firms in the world as well as federal and state governments. With our help, our clients obtain excellent results including dismissals and acquittals in criminal cases as well as favorable verdicts and settlements in civil cases. In many cases, our clients desire confidentiality especially when charges have been avoided and businesses saved from the brink.  As a result, we are unable to publicize our most significant victories.